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Please get in touch with our clinic today to discuss supervision with our professional and highly experienced counsellor and psychotherapist.


What is Supervision?

Supervision involves a structured setup where Counsellors/Psychotherapists regularly review their work with a seasoned professional in the field of Counselling/Psychotherapy.

The objective is to collaborate in enhancing and cultivating the effectiveness of the relationship between the Counsellor/Psychotherapist and the Client. The focus will be on the Counsellor/Psychotherapist's practice, along with feedback and insights from the Supervisor. Supervision serves as a means to uphold the appropriate standards in Counselling/Psychotherapy and also functions as a consultative approach to expand the practitioner's perspectives.

Why is supervision essential?

Jade Bardon Counselling & Psychotherapy recognises supervision as crucial for ensuring and continually enhancing the competence and accreditation of Counsellors/Psychotherapists. As an IACP Member, Jade Bardon Counselling & Psychotherapy is obligated by the IACP Code of Ethics and Practice to engage in ongoing supervision, thereby monitoring their practice to uphold competent standards and foster ongoing development in Counselling/Psychotherapy.

For additional information on supervision, please get in touch with our clinic today.

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