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Child Integrative Play Therapy

Play therapy is a powerful tool in allowing children to express themselves. Contact me to book an appointment.

Child Integrative Play Therapy: from 6 years

Specialising as a child & adolescent integrative therapist I utilise many models of therapy when working with children. I am qualified at Masters Level. My practise is trauma-informed, research-lead and operated in professional manner in accordance with IACP ethical guidelines, and child protection legislation. When working with children I recognises that each child is an individual and I take into account the unique developmental issues such as cognitive, social, emotional or physical difficulties. I work from a systemic approach meaning I involve families in the work, collaborating with parents, guardians or other important people. This I feel works to bring forward the best in each individual child and supports the child to resolve whatever troubles him/her.

Im trained in SPICC (Sequentially Planned Integrative Counselling for Children) models of therapy. This model fosters the relationship with the child which allows me to sequentially use other forms of therapy such as Gestalt, Narrative/Storytelling, CBT and Behaviour therapy in meeting the goals of therapy. The use sand play, storytelling, puppets, music, dance, art and other creative therapies are also used to facilitate this work. Working with creative approaches has huge benefits in the treatment of a number of emotional and developmental issues.

Some examples of child specific issues I may treat with integrative child therapy include:

Abuse or child protection issues

Adoption Or Foster Care Support



ASD challenges

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD)

Attachment issues

Bedwetting/ Soiling Problems

Bereavement and loss

School related concerns

Excessive Shyness


Learning/ Developmental Problems

Low Self Esteem

Parental Conflict, Separation Or Divorce



Health concerns

Identity concerns

Sexuality concerns

Self harm

Suicide ideation

Persistent Anger, Worry, Sadness Or Fear Which Hinders The Daily Life Of The Child

For more information on child integrative play therapy, please contact me.

Other services:

  • Workshops
  • Creative wellbeing children’s and adult classes
  • Psychoeducation workshops on mental health and emotional wellbeing
  • Personal development training
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