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Adolescent Counselling

Using an integrative approach, I help adolescents to overcome a range of issues. Contact me for more information.

Adolescent Counselling

It is not uncommon for people to experience psychological issues during their adolescent years, as they grow towards adulthood and undertake the pressures which can surround this transition. I provide a safe, confidential space in which adolescents can work through some of the issues they are experiencing. Adopting an integrative approach, I encourage adolescents to express themselves through art, creative means or words.

I will always meet with parents/guardian for an initial intake session, as I aim to gather as much relevant information as possible to ensure the treatment I provide is relevant to the needs of the adolescent. This is also a time for the parents/guardians to talk through their concerns in detail and to ask any questions on the specific therapeutic techniques used.

Common issues I help adolescents to overcome include:


Low Self-Esteem

Behavioural Difficulties

Depression, Low Mood

Identity Questions/Confusion




PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Transition From Primary To Secondary School


Parental Separation Or Mental Health Difficulties

Adoption & Fostering

For more information on my adolescent counselling services, please contact me.

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