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Person-Centred Dementia Therapy

Using a person-centred approach, I help those living with dementia continue to take part in things they enjoy. Contact me to book an appointment.

Person-Centred Dementia Therapy

I adapt a person-centred approach to dementia therapy, meaning I tailor my therapeutic services to the interests, abilities, history and personality of the person I am working alongside. By using this approach, I am able to ensure the person living with dementia is able to continue to take part in the activities they enjoy which can be an effective way to manage the behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia. I aim to gain a clear understanding of the person I am supporting, including their history, lifestyle, culture and preferences, as this allows me to develop a care plan unique to the client. At all times, I ensure that the client and families availing of my service are treated with the utmost dignity and respect.
This service can be offered in the comfort of the clients own home or in the peaceful setting of my practice. Some activities may include reminiscence therapy, storytelling, crafts, gardening, music, dance and use of creative arts.

Therapeutic Reminiscence therapy

Reminiscing, or sharing memories from the past, is an enjoyable way to connect with someone experience dementia. With dementia, people typically lose short-term memory, but are often still able to recall older memories.
The goal of reminiscence therapy is to help clients with dementia feel valued, contented, and peaceful by recalling happy times from their past. The use of a therapeutic relationship allows for a safe space to explore positive feelings gained from sharing pleasant memories and uncomfortable memories.
Reminiscence therapy can decrease stress, boost mood, reduce agitation, and minimise challenging behaviours like wandering, anger, and support current relationships.
Some sessions might include use of old photographs, old items, arts and crafts and life stories.

For more information on person-centred dementia therapy, please contact me.

Principles of Person-Centred Dementia Therapy

Person-centred dementia therapy follows certain principles which denote best practices. These principles assert:

  • The inherent human value of those who have dementia (regardless of age or cognitive impairment) as well as their families and carers.
  • The personality, life experiences and individuality of people living with dementia and how this affects their response to dementia.
  • The importance of the person's perspective
  • The importance of those around the person living with dementia; their relationships and interactions.
  • The importance recognising the requirements of carers (e.g. family and friends or paid care‑workers) and encouraging and amplifying their input.
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